missty_blue (missty_blue) wrote in btvs_ficfind,

Xander centric fic

Okay here goes.  I can't remember the name of this fic or where it was.  But I really want to read it again.  This is a fic where Xander is really strong.  Not physically, just central to the plot.  He has two children, I think, 'cause he was married to Faith.  Buffy and Angel disappeared after the Acathla thingie, and  I think everyone thinks she's dead.  Um, demons walk freely in Sunnydale hurting humans whenever they feel like it.  Joyce, Buffy's mother, is like the mother of the town or something.  Faith dies or is killed.  Somehow they end up in L.A. at the Hyperion where they find Angel and Buffy alive.  Joyce is poisoned from a rape and is dying.  The Sunnydale crowd looks up to Xander, Willow and Oz and there is some friction between them and the L.A. people.  Anyway, lots of stuff happens with Buffy trying to redeem herself and trying to save Xander.  Eventually, all of that reality is taken back and only Xander remembers.  This is a fic where Xander is pregnant by other demons including Angel.

Anyone heard of it?
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